JWt Chat client

This is a multi-user chat client and server.

To keep the example simple, server and clients all run in the same servlet engine, the server is a static reference. When using "server push" which requires an open connection with each client at all times, clients do not tie up threads, and as such the application could easily support thousands of simultaneous users as well.

The client is contained in a widget (SimpleChatWidget), and can be instantiated as many times as you like, even in the same application.
Because of the widget abstraction, it is straight forward to include a chat client in your own application, by adding both the client and server classes to your application.

User name:

The implementation uses the Servlet 3.0 API to implement server push in JWt, and allows updating a session from outside its regular event loop. When a message is received, the user interface (i.e. widget tree) not only of the current session, but also of all other sessions is updated and "pushed" to these clients simultaneously.

The logout message box is shown using WMessageBox.show(), which internally uses WDialog's exec().